Basant Maheswari's - The Thoughtful Investor


  • Congratulations on your book, which is meant for Indian markets and caters to Indian investors. I think you have shared with us everything you had - your wins ,losses and mistakes. You have dared people to dream big in the book and distinguish between money and wealth. The tone of the book thus is dedicated to building Wealth with minimum risk .

    An unconventional book which does not talk about things such as lattice models ,DCF calculations etc.

    Chapters on small caps , Business models, Diversification are all gems of learning. They clarify the dilemmas which an Investor faces during his investment journey.We also have what I call Basant's practical models which include mind share vs market share, dividend yield model and portfolio management model.

    To add spice there are pure one liner gems for example - 15 bagger on a 3% allocation makes a career and 15 bagger on 30% allocation makes a life.-doesn't it summarize all ?

    Not to forget --Radical thought provoking ideas such as leverage and its use - for example if we take loans for cars and flat why not for stocks?

    Investing bible of India!!!
- Vikash Taank's Review5 Star Rating