Basant Maheswari's - The Thoughtful Investor


  • Dear Basant ji

    Please accept my heartiest congrats on release of The Thoughtful Investor.

    Cant thank you enough that you decided to share your deepest thoughts at all points of your personal journey - from parental influences to your thoughts during the Ups and downs of life , the mindset, the focus during the challenging times , the trials & learnings by fire and in the end recovery itself , the retests in 2008 and the continual refinements then & all along.

    For a reader, to be able to live your emotional journey through the book will be a major benefit in addition to the detailed stock picking techniques and the wisdom given therein.

    It is a fantastic book especially written for the Indian investor and most can relate to the companies discussed, the issues, emotional & technical, which people face while investing.

    In addition it helps the reader make a distinction between wealth creation & money making, a pitfall which prevents most from riding the entire growth curve of a stock !

    This book will spur people to relook & refine their investing thought process !!
- harpreet singh's Review5 Star Rating