Basant Maheswari's - The Thoughtful Investor


  • Dear Basant ji,

    Just read "The Thoughtful Investor", cover to cover. Brilliant!

    What makes it such a great book: a) short concise chapters which makes covering a myriad of topics in one book possible b) very clear concepts which are to the point c) rare honesty from an author about his gains and losses (in your case just one!)

    New ideas which I learned from the book which I did come across earlier on BC, 1) Portfolio allocation 2) How to research a company 3) Using leverage 4) Looking for margin expansion in a multi-bagger 5) The fact that in a recovery the second and third tier stocks do better than the front line ones 6)"The ones I saw and missed" 7) "Spinoffs" 8) "PSU stocks" 9) "The final checklist"

    What also amazes me while reading the book is your journey as an investor from DSQ to NDTV to HDFC Bank! A must have book for anyone who wants to be a better investor. No reason why it should not be on the way to becoming a national bestseller soon!
- Vinay Bawri's Review5 Star Rating