Basant Maheswari's - The Thoughtful Investor


  • I have been associated with TED and Basant Sir for the last 7 years (2007) and what i have learnt about markets in these seven years is absolutely immeasurable. These are lessons coming from a person who "lives" the stock market. If an ordinary person has to learn these lessons on his own it will probably take him more than a life time. But now one just needs to read and imbibe this book. This book from BM distills the entire essence of what really is investing. Not just theoretical investing but absolutely practical insights/lessons which you can put to use.

    There are many books which give us practical insights about markets but they're all around any one school of thought (viz. Buffet's moat, Lynch's growth investing, Livermore's trading or Fischer's focus on quality). This books brings all of that together into one volume and joins them in a cohesive manner to give us what looks like a very high probability way to build wealth from long term investing. I have not read another book filled with so much practical thought and i have read a lot.

    Having been associated with BM for a while i have been practicing the lessons in this book for the most part of my short investing career and i cannot speak enough about what difference it has made to my life and my confidence in the markets.

    There was no need for BM to write this book.This book would make no difference to his balance sheet. But he is a teacher at heart and he has poured his heart out in this master piece. We should be eternally grateful to BM for writing this book.

    Read this and you'll do yourself a huge favor.
- Prabhakar Kudva's Review5 Star Rating