Basant Maheswari's - The Thoughtful Investor


  • I m not a book reader kind person, so far I have read only hand full like Peter Lynch’s Beating the street, one up on wall street, WB’s Snowball, Burton Malkiel’s A Random walk down to Wall street & few more. For me this book – “The Thoughtful Investor” by Basant Maheswari is right up there in the league of above mentioned books. I always read/seen information about successful stock investors in India but never know the thought process, this book ( & association with TED & BC) gave me immense understanding on how to value a business, portfolio allocation, leveraging & importantly how to Not lose capital in market. I wish other big market players take inspiration from basant’s effort & share their investing wisdom.
- Nitesh Malviya's Review5 Star Rating