Basant Maheswari's - The Thoughtful Investor


  • The journey with “The Thoughtful Investor” raised not only various thoughts but multitude of emotions as I moved from chapter to chapter. To summarize my take in a few bulleted points:
    - For any book to be successful, the author needs to be able to communicate and share his thoughts with the readers effectively. Here Basant-ji has done a great job, the language is lucid and very effective, style and choice of words immaculate which makes reading it not only a pleasure but understanding it easier as well.
    - Haven’t come across any book that solely focuses on the Indian stock market and that too so well. This should resonate specially well with the bracket of population that witnessed the rapid changes and transformations in India over the last few decades right from liberalization and policy changes started in the 90s, various economic cycles, emergence of new sectors and businesses, globalization to the various stock market bull and bear runs. The examples and case studies are almost tangible, companies referred to here are the ones we see and hear every day around us, almost like one can “touch & feel”. It is definitely something we can relate to very easily.
    - Now for the amateur, average or not so researched stock market participant like many of us, right from price movements to what see around is like raw “data”. Basani-ji has structured the data, related it and presented to us in the various chapters that has transformed it into “information”. The chapters in correlation to each other transforms into “knowledge”. But finally through this book what Basant-ji tries to share with us is “wisdom” acquired through decades of stock market participation, in-depth analysis and research.

    Being an ardent fan of Basant-ji, will expect more from him in the coming days.
- Subhabrata De's Review5 Star Rating