Basant Maheswari's - The Thoughtful Investor


  • "The Thoughtful Investor" is a path-breaking effort by the author. Being the first of its kind about sharing insights into equity investments in Indian bourses, it brings forth what skills a committed "long-term investor" ought to posses to win in the loo~~ong race that it is! From laying the foundation of the basics to the trappings of human behavior that makes the markets move; from deep-diving into how balance sheets and financial results ought to be analysed to how to spot when books could have been "cooked", the book is loaded with a plethora of findings from decades of experiences of the author.

    Long-term investors are a rare breed in India. Most of us do not have the patience or perhaps we succumb to the greed of making a fast buck. In the process we lose out on the benefits of compounding and long-term investments once good businesses are spotted. Most of us are also victims of being lured by "tips", which the author believes lands us in "pits". So true! While the Government of India would put efforts to get the retail equity investor back into markets, this book is sure to retain equity investors in... forever! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it... and now trying to practice all that has been learnt. Thanks Basantji for this wonderful book! Regards Gopinath Mavinkurve Twitter Id: @gopinathmm
- Gopinath Mavinkurve's Review4 Star Rating