Basant Maheswari's - The Thoughtful Investor


  • There are many investment related books available on US markets, short term trading, value investing, derivatives trading, index investing,random market behavior etc. But this book is different. This is the first book I have come across on long term growth investing in Indian stock market. It explains growth investing concepts in details and inspire you to create wealth through stocks.

    The book is organized in short chapters which makes it easy to read. Each concept is explained with examples from Indian stock market which makes it practical. The honesty with which author has explained his thought process in each of his stock bets is commendable. Some of the concepts I liked were : growth stock is like smartest student in class, always achieves high scores consistently !!, impact of dividend on PE ratio, 50% test, reasons for PE expansion.

    I felt first 100 pages are generic and can be skipped if you have read too many investing related books. But the next 350 pages are must read for any individual investor irrespective of whether he wants to follow growth investing or not.

    Overall this book is a must read for anyone interested in stock market.
- Pradeep Bhat's Review4 Star Rating