Basant Maheswari's - The Thoughtful Investor


  • "The Thoughtful Investor is the best book on investment written on the indian stock market,the book is a must read for every investor and student of the market.

    The author dares the reader to dream with stocks and also shows him the ways to long term wealth creation through magic of compounding.The book through it's various chapters covers almost every aspect of stock investing,the style of writing is very clear,crisp and easy to understand,The real examples of indian stocks makes it all the more interesting to read .
    The book is filled with lots of gems like-
    "Investing is about making less and retaining more than making more and retaining less."
    "If an investor fears the bear he would never be able to ride the bull."
    "stock market is a game of snakes and ladders where it is important to look for the ladders as it is to avoid the snakes."
    "The most important aspect of investing is that market pays for growth and a company that is showing above average growth is like the child who always comes first in class-he always gets what he wants."
    Only Basantji can compare stock to a child, Thanks for writing the book Basantji ,i have learned so much from you in these last 5 years .I will always treasure this book and pass it on to my children when they are old enough to start their investment journey."
- Atul Maheshwari's Review5 Star Rating