Basant Maheswari's - The Thoughtful Investor


  • The book is one of the best books written on investment especially in context of the Indian Investors. Those who have read MY INVESTING STRATEGY on TED will readily identify with whatever is written in the book.

    Some concepts like buying near all time highs, keeping to hold winners inspite temporary feel of overvaluation, difference between being rich and wealthy etc are novel concepts.

    The author pours his experiences in the investment world without any holding back. And thats what gives some incisive teachings.

    Regarding content, its absolutely fantastic. Not too long, not too short. Quality of print and pages is also excellent where no efforts are spared.

    The only criticism I can make is that sentences are often very long and need to be read and re-read.

    Overall the best book on investment written by an Indian author by far.

    Personally I have found a lot to learn and admire in the book.

    Thanks basantji for the book.
- hitesh patel's Review5 Star Rating